Aggressive/Dramatic Zuko that make me giggle.

Zuko is basically the most perfectly accurate teenager ever to appeal on TV.

I love Zuko man.

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"…You know, one day the government is going to realize that how lucky they were to have Professor X on their side."
charles: “…I suppose I am a real professor, aren’t I? Next thing you know, I’ll be going bald. […] We’re still on the government side. We’re still G-Men. Just without the ‘G’ “

"…No. You’re your o w n team now. It’s better. You’re X-Men. ”
charles: “… Y e s, I like the sound of t h a t.”
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A NEW Doctor Who teaser has arrived and you can watch it right here!

The new season of Doctor Who comes to BBC America Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c.

Those outside of the US can watch the new teaser here! 

Did you see the new Doctor Who teaser yesterday!?

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orphan black + black/white
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Tony: Peter you can date anyone.
Steve: We trust your judgment.
Tony: Look at all the options you have.
*Enter Wade*
Peter: I like that one!


Anonymous: can you tell me wth 4chan even is?


all the internet is your kingdom to take except 4chan simba that’s the shadowland you must never go there

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Distance is a bad excuse for not having a good relationship with somebody. It’s the determination to keep it going or let it fall by the wayside; that’s the real reason that the relationships continue" - James McAvoy

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